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On the occasion of world food day which is happening next Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019, FoodBlessed is having a night “Bike Ride against hunger and food waste” from 6pm to 8pm at Beirut by Bike! We did a night ride against hunger 3 years ago and we had a record number of 350 participants!

This year we want to
break this record and we need your help to do that!
For this occasion, we are trying to get as many people as possible to join us! It will be lots of fun and for a good cause.

We would love for you to join us on the ride.
The more the merrier. So please bring a friend along or two or more!

MEETING POINT is BEIRUT BY BIKE at 5.30PM. WE RIDE at 6PM. The participation fee is 10 000LL for students and 15000 for nonstudents. All profits will go to FoodBlessed which will use them to provide more meals for people in need!

Please sign up your name here (and phone number next to your name) here :


Educational Day with Amel

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Part 1 of 3 Last Saturday, a group of our hunger heroes went Al the way to Al Khiam area in the South to help serve 200 lunch boxes to Lebanese and Syrian kids! It took us almost 2 hours to get to the place where we we’re to prepare the food and then transport that to the main event which was organized by Amel Association and took place in the village’s indoor sport facility! Our job entailed three steps. Step one was preparing the food. We had so much fun during this step. Some of the volunteers have never cooked before. We managed to prepare around 200 sandwiches! We had salvaged these carton lunch boxes from a food rescue that we had two weeks ago! Instead of recycling these cardboard boxes, we decided to reuse them! Each lunch box contained a main meal, fruit, juice and two snacks! The boxes were prepped and filled by our hunger heroes!! Hisham and Maya from Amel association helped as well! After preparing the food and putting it into 200 lunch boxes and goodie bags, some of us got into Amel’s van and the others in FoodBlessed’s mobile! As we arrived, the Lebanese kids were already in the buses that will drop them home so we disturbuted their lunch in the buses. The Syrian kids were waiting for us at the event where we distributed the meals ! Everyone had a great time that day especially the students with lots of activities that Amel had prepared for them. We are happy we were able to help out Amel with the food! •••• يوم السبت الماضي ، ذهبت مجموعة من أبطال الجوع لدينا إلى منطقة الخيام في الجنوب للمساعدة في تقديم 200 صندوق غداء للأطفال اللبنانيين والسوريين! استغرقنا ساعتين تقريبًا للوصول إلى المكان الذي قمنا فيه باعداد الطعام ثم نقله إلى الحدث الرئيسي الذي نظمته جمعية عامل والذي عقد في القاعة الرياضية الداخلية للقرية! قسمنا عملنا الى ثلاث خطوات. الخطوة الأولى كانت تحضير الطعام. استمتعنا كثيرا خلال هذه الخطوة. بعض المتطوعين لم يطبخوا من قبل. تمكنا من إعداد حوالي 200 سندويش! لقد أنقذنا صناديق الغداء الكرتونية هذه من إنقاذ غذائي كان لدينا قبل أسبوعين! بدلاً من إعادة تدوير صناديق الكرتون هذه ، قررنا إعادة استخدامها! كل صندوق طعام يحتوي على وجبة رئيسية ، فواكه ، عصير ، ووجبتين خفيفتين! كانت الصناديق جاهزة ومملوءة من قبل أبطال الجوع وجاهزة للخطوة الثانية!! ساعد هشام ومايا من جمعية عامل كذلك في التحضير. بعد إعداد الطعام ووضعه في 200 صندوق غداء وأكياس للطعام ، ركب بعضنا في سيارة عامل والآخرين في سيارة فودبلسد! عندما وصلنا ، كان الأطفال اللبنانيون في الحافلات التي ستنزلهم إلى منازلهم ، لذا فقد وزعنا عليهم الوجبات في الباصات. كان الأطفال السوريون ينتظروننا في الملعب الذي وزعنا فيه الوجبات! قضى الجميع وقتًا رائعًا في ذلك اليوم خاصةً الطلاب الذين مان عامل قد أعد لهم باقة من النشاطات التربوية. نحن سعداء لأننا تمكنا من مساعدة جمعية عامل في هذا النشاط الجميل !!

Global Cleanup Day 2019

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Millions of volunteers in 150 countries gathered today to clean up the world in a single day. As FoodBlessed we wanted to take part in the biggest civic action in human history, and help launch a cleaner future by joining @jci.lebanon #lebanoncleanupday! Everyone did such a great job and we ended filling up around 13 bug bags of trash if all sorts and using the Cigarette Butts Cleanup Calculator, Maya abs Ghassan were able to gather around 750 cigarettes buts in 2.5 hours 👏🤘 Share this album or simply show it some love by liking it to show some support ❤ Special thanks to hunger hero Anna for these wonderful shots and hunger heroes Maya Nour Batoul Jana Kiran and Ghassan for volunteering with us out on the day! #worldcleaningday #lebanon #aramoun #foodblessed #forestcleaning #cleanuptheworld #csr #goodcause #savetheearth#positivedrives #initiative #communityservice #stayforgood #sharingiscaring #payitforward #love #jcilebanon

Serving food at Himaya’s “Rise your dreams” event

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If was a lot of hard work and fun but we managed to get things done at Hunger hero Dina’s place! We cooked chicken fajita with pasta and a scrumptious green salad! Once done, we for ourselves to carpool our way to Chyah Park for the big event! Over 400 beautiful folks were served ! Thank you to everyone who was part of this beautiful event and also for Himaya NGO for making us part of the this event! ♥️

Foodblessed at Balamand University

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Thank you @universityofbalamand for having us. If was great being part of your annual Community Fair Zero-hunger. Special thanks to hunger heroes Vanessa, Rolf, and Maya for helping us at the stand  It was lovely meeting all the students who showed a great interest in who we are and what we do and signed up to volunteer with us in future events! Yey!
Ps. Today happens to be Vanessa’s birthday! Happy birthday hunger hero Vee. Many happy returns🌞🌞
منحب نشكر جامعة البلمند لاستضافها النا ولأول مرة هالسنة. كان من الرائع أن نكون جزء من معرض المجتمع السنوي الها. شكر خاص لأبطال الجوع فانيسا ورولف ومايا لمساعدتهن النا  كان نشاط رائع وكتير انبسطنا بالطلاب الذين أبدوا اهتمام كبير بعملنا بفودبلس.شكرا لكل يللي سجلوا اساميهن للتطوع معنا بنشطاتنا بالمستقبل!
ملاحظة: اليوم مسائب عيد ميلاد فانيسا! عيد ميلاد سعيد بطلتنا. عقبال كل سنة 🙌🙌

Beirut Bright Side

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Following a post by @beirutsbrightside , a couple of weeks, @mayaterro and @juliasemaan met and talked about how FoodBlessed and Mission Village can work together! Not long after, we got a call from Julia! She needed some hunger hero power! These pictures were taken when our hunger heroes joined hands with the heroes at @missionvillage to prepare meals for those in need! The team convened at mission village’s premise in dekeeneh. There, together they prepared hearty meals and packed them to go! The meals were distributed to homeless and underprivileged individuals and families! We are so proud of this collaboration and look forward to future ones with this beautiful new organization! Huge shout out to Beiruts Bright Side for putting missing village and FoodBlessed in touch ♥️
Thank you also to the beautiful volunteers who helped us out on that day. Thank you @dr.naderhusseini @adrianwgroth @farhat_ghassan and all the beautiful people on the mission village team !

بعد أسابيع من بوست كانوا نزلوه beirutsbrightside …اجتمعوا مايا ترو من فودبلسد وجوليا سمعان من ميشن فيلاج وتفقو انو لازم يشتغلو مع بعض. بعد فترة صغيرة بتحكينا جوليا وبتقلنا بدنا مساعد ابطال الجوع.
هودي الصور اخدناهن وقت مجموعة من ابطال الجوع اجتمعوا مع متطوعي جمعية ميشن فيلاج لنحضر اكل للمحتاجين! اجتمع الفريق عند مركز mission village بالدكوانة. و هونيك حضروا ووضبوا سوا وجبات جاهزين للأكل! من بعدها وزعوا الوجبات للعالم العائلات المحتاجة! نحنا كتير فخورين بالتعاون مع هيدي الجمعية و متشوقين نرجع نعيد نفس المشروع وغير مشاريع معن. بهالمناسية حابين نتشكر Beirut’s bright side يلي جمعتنا سوا. و كمان حابين نتشكر المتطوعيين يللي كانوا معنا. شكرا غسان ونادر وادريان و كل المجموعة الحلوة يلي موجودة ب فريق mission village

Foodblessed – Amel School Feeding Program

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September is almost here! We started in August a new program #AmelSchoolFeedingProgram where our hunger heroes will be asked to prepare sandwiched for 170 underprivileged kids, 3 days a week. Prep time will be from 2.00pm SHARP to 4.00 pm in Amel’s kitchen in ain remenneh. KINDLY, dont be late and try to be at the center at 2:30pm. All ingredients will be provided. ALL WE NEED is your presence and time  The kids will be having the sandwiches at 5pm. This project might expand in the future to include other centers! You can sign up for 1 or 2 or for the 3 days. So please sign up your NAME (AND PHONE NUMBER) and tick the days that you can help. We will be serving the sandwiches on the day we will have the most volunteers on. We will need 2 to 4 volunteers per day. So please sign up your name where you have time and will confirm your timing at the beginning of each week.

*LOCATION:* Ain El Rummeneh…/@33.8696747,35.…/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0…

بشهر آب بلشنا مشروع جديد مع مؤسسة عامل. بهالمشروع ، وعلى مدار ٣ ايام بالسبوع,
كنا عمنحضر ١٧٠ سندويشة لاطفال محتاجين. التحضير ببلش من الساعة ٢.٣۰ لل ٤.٣ بمركز جمعية عامل بعين الرمانة. كل الاحتياجات موجودة, كل يلي بدنا ياه هوه مساعدتكم و وقتكم. الأطفال ح يكونو عم يأكلو على الساعة ٥. هيدا المشروع يمكن يكبر و يزيد عدد المشتركين و المراكز . يلي حابب فيكم تشتركو ب يوم ١ او ٢ او ٣. يلي مهتم بليز يسجل اسمو و رقمو و الوقت يلي مهتم/ة فيه. يلزمنا كل مرة حوالي ال ٣ متطوعين. يلي مهتم يسجل اسمو ورقمو الوقت الانسب الو من خلال هيدا الرابط

World Humanitarian Day

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We are very proud of this significant recognition by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to FoodBlessed’s Co-founder and Executive Director Maya Terro ♥️💪

On the occasion of world humanitarian day (August 19), every hour the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UN-OCHA, shared one of the 24 top humanitarian workers’ stories they gathered from around the world on their website
My story is the only one chosen from Lebanon and 1 out of 3 chosen from the middle east region (other two are from yemen).
Hamdellah 🙏
My story appeared at 19:00 hr
Here it is

Community Event with Amel for Adha Eid

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AeR Community Event for Adha Eid with our students & education team.
Our activity was blessed because of

World Humanitarian Day

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This world humanitarian day, @un_ocha is celebrating female humanitarian workers from around the world! Our codounder’s story with @foodblessed was picked to be one of the 24 stories that will be presented on 19 August aka TODAY as part of World Humanitarian Day campaign. Yaayyyyyy! We were told that Maya’s story was chosen out of a pool of 500 stories from around the world!
SUPER Proud.

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