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American Community School Halloween Fair

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A throwback at the bake sale we had at ACS school in Raouche!
Special thanks to all of our bakers who helped us in baking and our hunger heroes who helped us in selling 🙂
Special thanks goes as well to Mirna from ACS and our very own Hunger Hero Ousama for giving Foodblessed the chance to raise more funds, spread awareness about our cause and recruit new volunteers 🙂
All in all, we had a great time and  wait for next year’s spooky bake sale…

FoodBlessed Fundraisers

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When we think of FUNdraisers we also stress on the word FUN!

Could you help us by fundraising for FoodBlessed. What you could do is maybe you could hold a fundraising event on an individual volunteering effort basis or you would like to raise money through sponsorship of an activity such as a run or cycle event. Want to involve your classmates, how about you host a bake sale. Want to involve your work colleagues, how about you do it through your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility CSR program or just individual volunteering effort.

FoodBlessed Food Drives (FFD)

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Food drives are a great way for individuals, schools, clubs, organizations and companies to help supply the non-perishable items that are always needed by our food bank wherein we store all the dry foods that we then package into boxes and distribute to those in need!

FoodBlessed Food Drives are a LOT of fun to host! That’s why we encourage anyone to help in hosting one at their workplace/school/neighborhood/university/building. Just give us a shout and we will help you with organizing the food drive. All you need is to place our donation bins and a couple of posters and you’ll be ready to go.

If that sounds too hard, you can always donate “food money”. A typical FoodBlessed Food assistance Package (FAP) costs us around $35. It has all the basic essentials. So if you and some of your friends try to fundraise for our cause either by directly collecting money donations or organizing a bake sale, it would be terrific!

We have a tool kit that is guaranteed to help organize a successful food drive to collect food donation items for those in need.
Here’s where you can find it:​ ​

Halloween Hamra Street Festival

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Trick or treat?
Definitely TREAT!! 🙂
Baked by our very own foodblessed BAKERS !
we had  cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and more delicious treats lined up
Support our cause in feeding those in need, one treat at a time!
All proceeds from our foodblessed bakesale went foodblessed. 🙂

FoodBlessed Awareness Campaigns

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More than feeding those in need, at FoodBlessed we also believe in the importance of raising awareness on important issues such as that of food waste, especially that a lot of us waste food without knowing. How many of you when eating out didn’t think twice before telling the waiter to take away your plate although half of the sandwich your had ordered was still untouched and perfectly edible? Also did you know that there are over 21 uses for banana peels. Despite that, most of us, if not all of us, believe that banana peels are nothing but waste. Spreading awareness is very important as is recruiting volunteers and having well connected and famous people as our foodblessed ambassadors helps us achieve this. Moreover being volunteer-driven mean we rely HEAVILY on our Hunger Heroes and by soeaking about our work, we always hope to attract new members of the society to unleash their hidden super powers by joining our team and becoming Hunger Heroes themselves!

FoodBlessed ‘Ambassador’

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We have recently launched the ‘FoodBlessed Ambassador’ programme which aims to recruit an ambassador in all major businesses, schools, religious institutions or any other field. The champion will promote the charity to the rest of the organisation, helping to run appeals on and spreading the word about our work. He or she can do that through their social network of friends, connections, networking, social media. Writing a blog or an article for instance about us is one way how you can help us spread the word about FoodBlessed so that we can have more volunteers join, more donations monetary and non monetary coming in too. Think this describes you? Then by all means, do get in touch!

Foodblessed ‘Blessed Partner’

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A lot of times the terms “sponsorships” and “partnerships” are thrown around and used interchangeably but does the wording that properties/brands use reflect how they actually see their relationships? Should we be moving towards the use of partnerships (which imply that both sides benefit) and away from sponsorships (which unfortunately has not been very well explained to the general public)? We don’t know about you but at FoodBlessed, we certainly think so. We believe that having strong partnerships bring benefit to both sides over the long run when compared to short term sponsorships and while we do both we always hope one-time sponsorship build up to become long-term partnerships!
Zaatar W Zeit ZwZ is among our oldest and most beloved BLESSED partners. They are a great example of what partnership is all about! They have been supporting our cause since day one and we wouldn’t trade their partnership for anything. But ZwZ is one example among many. Over the years, we’ve built strong partnerships with restaurants like T-marbouta, Em Sherif, Lunch Bag badaro, Brocheta among other restaurants, partnered with big companies such as Lebanese Food and Drug Corporation, Meptico,Vincent Lb, ifp, itg and Vincenti among others. Other partners of ours include Beirut By Bike. We’ve also partnered with the Lebanese American University, American University of Beirut, Beirut Arab University among others and the International community school, ACS, and other schools. MAKE sure you check our blessed partners section for more listings!
Would you like to donate your unsold surplus products or products close to expiry date? You got surplus food from your event or wedding or business meeting or as a restaurant or hotel have lots of extra food at the end of the day that you end up throwing away? Why not donate that to us?

IC NGOs’ fair

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IC NGOs’ fair took place on Wednesday 19th of October 2016 from 2.00 pm till 3.30 pm at IC secondary school.

Thumbs up for this hunger hero and foodBLESSEDambassador Grace Moucharafieh for giving 3 sessions of 30 minutes introducing#FoodBlessed to potential volunteers 🙂
Fantastic work Grace! You killed it!!!!

If you are a school and would like any of our foodblessed ambassadors to come give a small talk about foodblessed so that maybe your students can finish their community service hours with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch via emailing us to [email protected] or calling us on 03040989 or WhatsApping us to 70159337

FoodBlessed On Future TV English News

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On the occasion of World Food Day, Youmna N. Mahmassani hosts FoodBlessed ‘s Vice President and Hunger Hero Diana Salman to talk more about the importance of this day and about FoodBlessed ‘s fight against hunger and food waste!

FoodBlessed Pledge

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Tons of food are wasted in Lebanon, while 30% of the Lebanese population don’t have enough to eat.

Join the global movement against food waste by signing the FoodBlessed’s pledge.



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