FoodBlessed Capacity Building in Al Khyara, Bekaa.

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On Nov. 23, Hunger Hero Maya Terro, co-founder and executive director at FoodBlesssed, gave training session for a food processing center executed under the BALADI Program in Khiara village, West Bekaa.
The Khiara project is an agro-food processing center aims at helping the women of the village to produce and sell food products through the local cooperative called ”Cooperative Productivity Association for Khiyara (CPAK)”. The project also aims to create job opportunities for the local women in need.
The project is designed to produce jam, molasses and bakery products.
In her presentation, Hunger Hero Maya introduced FoodBlessed to the people in Khiara and offered a capacity building session on how you avoid food waste and ho to reduce the amount of food going to the waste during preparation, storing and selling their products. The session as part of many to come aimed at helping the municipalities and the local communities improve their environmental knowledge as well as the safety in all its aspects.

Ps. TERRE Liban is responsible for ensuring the environmental compliance of BALADI projects.

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