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Iftar at Kheyam Al Kheir

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Our second iftar for this year was with Cedars for Care at Kheyam Al Kheir, a beautiful spot by the sea.
It was a delight seeing our chef for the day Lenore guide our volunteers to the mysteries of cooking moroccan vegetable couscous and vegetarian alfredo pasta with homemade red sauce.
And what’s more delightful than serving the four hours cooked goods at Kheyam Al Kheir? Absolutely nothing.
As we watched the sun set behind the sea, and as we listened to the laughs of children and men and women breaking their fast, we can easily tell you that this iftar was by all means as peaceful and lovely as it gets.
إفطارنا التاني هيدا السنة كان مع جمعية سيدرز بخيام الخير، على البحر.
كنّا كتير محظوظين بأنه يكون عنّا الشيف للنهار لينور عم تعلّم المتطوعين التانيين سحر طبخ كسكس مغربي مع خضار ومعكرونة ألفريدو مع صلصة حمرا وخضار. وشو في شي أحلا من تقديم الأكل يلي طبخنا لمدّة أربع ساعات على الافطار للعالم بخيام الخير؟ ولا شي أبداً.
شفنا الشمس هي وعم تغرب بالبحر، وسمعنا ضحكات الأولاد والعالم يلي فطروا، وفينا نقلكن انه هيدا الافطار كان ايجابي وممتع متل ما مبيّن.

Iftar with Al Ghina

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We started our Ramadan iftars this year with a beautiful AlGhina iftar for 1200 orphans and widows. It was crowded, it was loud, and it was as amazing as all iftars and events aiming to tackle hunger and food poverty!
What we liked best about this iftar was how much passion was put into each and every guest, as well as the persistent demands that NO plate of food should be wasted, kudos to alghina for that!
بلّشنا إفطاراتنا الرمضانية هالسّنة مع إفطار نظمته جمعية الغنى لـ1200 يتيم وأراملة. صح كان عاجق، بس كان كتير حلو متل كل الافطارات والنشاطات يلي هدفها محاربة الجوع والحد من هدر الطعام!
يلي حبينا أكتر شي بهيدا الافطار هوي الشغف يلي الكل كان عم بيشتغل فيه، بالإضافة إلى الحرص الشديد انه ما ينهدر ولا صحن أكل، تحيّة لجمعية الغنى على هيدا

Foodblessed at Amel’s “Child Labour” Rally Paper

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Yesterday, our Hunger Heroes woke up extra early (6:00am but who’s complaining?) to cook some delicious lunch for some 250-300 kids in Beqaa!
Yes you’ve heard right! Amel Association organized a successful rally paper under the theme of “Child Labour”, and guess who was in charge of feeding these kiddos? Your one and only, Foodblessed.
Our amateur little chefs were up and about cutting some cabbages and adding pepper and garlic to the plat de jour, all while trying their hardest not to burn the kitchen! Must we say, it was a total success 😉
اليوم، متطوّعينا فاقوا شوي أبكر من العادي (6:00 بس ما حدا عم يشكي) ليطبخوا غدا بشهّي لأكتر من 250 طفل بالبقاع!
نظّمت مؤسسة عامل نشاط بعنوان “عمالة الأطفال” بالبقاع، وفودبلسد كانت المسؤولة عن الطبخ والتحضير وتوزيع الطعام!
طبّاخينا المبتدئين فاقوا من بكير ليقطعوا ملفوف ويرشّوا فلفل وتوم على الطبخة، كل هيدا وهنّي حريصين انو ما يحترق المطبخ! فينا نقول انو تمّت العملية بنحاح ؛)

LAU Celebrating the Culture of Volunteerism

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For many years in a row, Foodblessed was once again celebrated at Lebanese American University – LAU – Adnan Kassar School of Business during a small yet savory ceremony celebrating the “Culture of Volunteerism”.
Not only would we like to thank LAU for honoring us among the most active NGOs that offer volunteering and enrichment opportunities for the LAU students, we would also like to forever thank LAU for the outstanding work these students have achieved as volunteers! We take LOTS of pride in having such aspiring youths on our team, and are always looking forward to new volunteers ready to serve the community not only for the sake of finishing their hours, but also for the joy of serving.

لتالت سنة على التوالي، كرّمت الجامعة اللبنانية الأميركية- كلية عدنان قصار لإدارة الأعمال فودبلسد ضمن حفل صغير للإحتفال بثقافة التّطوع.
نحن حابّين نشكر LAU مش بس كرمال تكريمها النا من ضمن أكتر جمعيات بتقدّم فرص غنيّة بالتّطوع لطلّاب الـLAU، بس كمان حابين نشكرها دائماً على الشغل الرائع يلي عم بحققوه طلّابها معنا كمتطوّعين! كتير منفتخر انه يكون عندنا متطوّعين طموحين هيك ضمن فريقنا، ودايماً منطّلع للمتطوعين الجدد يلي مستعدين يخدموا المجتمع مش بس كرمال يخلصوا ساعاتهم، كرمال السعادة يلي بتجي من المساعدة.

FoodBlessed with BZkids

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With the start of this new year, FoodBlessed joined hands with BZkids to support their afterschool meal and snack programs. Why? Because such programs provide kids with the nutrition they need (reducing food insecurity) while rescuing good food from going to waste(reducing food waste).
FoodBlessed is committed to supporting existing programs such as that of #BzKids, increasing participation and making meals available year-round for those who need it the most!
Rescued food can‘t get any not nutritious than this. Don’t believe us? Make sure then to check this breakfast for champions formula which includes wholesome wheat cereals that were rescued from Wesley’s!
We can’t thank our donors enough for supporting FoodBlessed, one meals at a time. Whether it’s food close to expiry that we rescue or be it the staple food the we collect thanks to our #FoodblessedFoodDrives, it surplus food from events, we always always always believe that fighting #foodwaste and #hunger is attainable and is all about feeding bellies not bins and it all starts with YOU!
Interested in donating to our cause? Monetary or in-kind? All donations are welcome and every little helps.
Your support will help us provide girls and boys from marginalized and vulnerable communities have access to free nutritious meals at school which will help them grow and develop and which is something that is not always available to them at home.
DM us or send us a Whatsapp to 70159337!
Lotsa love !
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