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Serving the Elderly at Ayadina Association

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When we talk about feeding the hungry, we usually talk about feeding people who literally don’t have enough to eat. There are kids we know who grab a bag of chips from the convenience store because it’s cheaper than buying a sandwich and an apple. There are elderly folks we know who are overwhelmed with their loneliness that food stops having any meaning tot hem Yes, there is a desperate need to feed people in a physical sense. In a world with so much excess, it’s tragic that anyone goes without the basic necessities like food. But sometimes we also need to provide for people who are hungry in other ways. Maybe you know a woman who is spiritually starving. Or a young man who could use a mentor because he is thirsty for wisdom. Perhaps there is someone who is about to cross your path who just wants connection. They simply want to know that they are seen. It doesn’t matter whether someone can afford to pay for their own lunch or not. In a world that is starving for kindness, the question is – can we really afford not to?

Community Fridge Fund

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The Community Fridge Fund or CFF for short is an ongoing project by FoodBlessed which aims to reduce food waste, promote a culture of sharing, and build stronger food-secure communities by funding community fridges in underprivileged areas and refugee camps across Lebanon.

Our target from this campaign is to raise enough money to be able to purchase and install 10 communal fridges to be distributed around Beirut and 10 community relief fridges to be distributed across several refugee camps, both Palestinian and Syrian. So in total 20 fridges that we hope will be in full swing ad already operating this time around next year!

EVERY $450 raised by the CFF will cover the initial set up cost of ONE community Fridge!

PLEASE support us. Every little goes a long way!

June’s Disco Soup Kitchen

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A relaxing vibe in the the last #discosoup organized by @discosouplebanon !! A delicious cocktail was prepared from the veggies and fruits that we managed to rescue! Thank you to all the volunteers who were present! You rock ♥️ Special thank you to @cheeseandolivesfakhani for donating their old and ugly produce 🍆🥕🍅 that was put into good use!! #feedbelliesnitbins Thank you @cheeseandolivesfakhani @recyclelebanon @makesensemena @makesenseorg @maya_wak @philippe.rahbe @mayaterro @elissaralbatlouni Mohammad • ❤️ • اجواء مريحة بآخر #discosoup بتنظيم @discosouplebanon!! حضرنا كوكتيل طيب كتير محضر من الخضرة و الفواكه يلي اقدرنا ننقذن! حبين نشكر كل المتطوعين يلي كانوا موجودين معنا و حابين نشكر @cheeseandolivesfakhani للتبرع بالمنتجات القديمة يلي كانت عندن ويلي قدرنا حولناهن لشي طيب كتير🍆🥕🍅

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