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About Us


Foodblessed is a local hunger relief initiative run by a group of volunteers with a passion and will to fight hunger in Lebanon. Our mission combines environmental and social responsibility. We work with strategic partners –including food and non-food companies- through recovering surplus food from events, organizing food drives, and fundraiser events to collect food (which includes surplus perishable food and non-perishable food items) and distribute it to local non-profit partners in need. While we help other non-profits, our efforts divert food wastes for reuse and better serve under privileged communities. A win-win-win model!

It’s not how much we give
but how much love we put into giving.


“Working with a catering company for almost 2 years now, I always used to feel bad at the end of the events we catered. While a very big number of people in Lebanon are living under the poverty line, huge amounts of food were being thrown away after almost every event. I always felt the urge to take action, to find a solution. But I did not know who to turn to. Until I saw one day on my homepage on facebook that a friend liked a page called “FoodBlessed”. The page title drew my attention and I started reading about it on facebook. I immediately called Mr. Charles Costantine who informed me about the procedure to follow. This is how the partnership of Fleur De Lys with FoodBlessed has started. After the events, food for at least 30 people was collected by a nearby association and distributed to those in need. This partnership makes me proud. Well done guys. For a partnership that will last.”
Jana Tabet form Fleur de Lys

Feeding the hungry is a priority and a natural area of concern for Zaatar W Zeit as an eatery. As the needs in Lebanon increase, Zaatar W Zeit is even more committed to supporting NGOs such as foodblessed at the forefront of the fight against hunger.As Mother Teresa said: “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” We wish you, dear foodblessed Team, prosperity in your mission and look forward to more opportunities where we can be of help to your great cause.
Manuel wazen, Communication Manager at Zaatar w Zeit

It takes remarkable people with a strong will to see something wrong and actually do something about it. Ideas are worthless unless one finds the courage and acts upon them. This is exactly Food Blessed team has done; they saw an injustice and decided to do something about it and for that we at MindField will help them all we can and only have the utmost respect for this initiative.
Mahyar Yahfoufi, Managing Director MindField Solutions s.a.r.l

Mes tres chers jeunes dyamiques et sensibilises par la charite, il est de mon devoir chretien d’etre a vos cotes. N’hesitez pas de m’envoyer un email a tout moment Je serai la a vous guider
Ella Bitar-Presidente of Societe de Saint-Vincent de Paul – Liban

Hunger Hero Highlights

“I have always regarded food as a way to connect with people. Cooking is my number one hobby and hosting people over is my way of expressing my appreciation. This is why the name FoodBlessed grabbed my attention when it was mentionned in an ice bucket challenge in 2014. The next thing I knew I was in a soup kitchen serving food to strangers. And what an experience it was. Over the years, FoodBlessed has shown me over and over again how the act of serving a hot dish is an act of love. Going to the soup kitchen quickly became a weekly gathering with friends that I look forward to meet. FoodBlessed has also taught me to value every bit of food. Fighting food waste has become integrated into my daily life thanks to the different activities aimed at raising awareness on the subject. All in all, FoodBlessed is a community where you give and you receive, where unlikely friendships blossom whether you’re bringing a salad to someone who asked for it or you’re helping a fellow volunteer fold a table sheet that is just too large!”

Elie Dirani; April 10, 2018

“My motto in life has always been “Kindness does not cost a thing, yet it is of great value”. Volunteering with FoodBlessed helped me put this “theory” into practice for the first time, and boy what an impact did it have!
It all started as something to fill my time and give back to my community. But from the moment that I stepped foot in the Soup Kitchen, a feeling of belonging, satisfaction, and great joy rushed into me. Now I wouldn’t skip a Saturday no matter what!
FoodBlessed is not just about feeding hungry stomachs, it’s about team work, forgetting about politics, race, religion, age and treating people the way they deserve to be treated, as equal human beings. It goes all the way from serving meals to a genuine hug for a child or an empathetic smile to an elderly person.
I feel blessed to be part of this NGO and incredibly privileged to have officially become a Hunger Hero!! All the love.

Lenore Hassoun; March 20, 2018

“When people tell me I’m crazy to drive one hour on Saturdays just to volunteer, I smile satisfied, convinced and mostly happy about my decision to join this great team. It is true that we give our time and energy, and even though we do that without aiming for anything in return we still get lots of things… we get to enjoy the peaceful smiles of the elderly, the loud laughs of the kids, skills in teamwork and cooperation, friends from all over the world, and most important the honour of offering the needy people a little hope that life with all of its hard times will hide us some happy moments… Thank you FoodBlessed for providing the opportunity for all of that.”

Samar Wehbe; December 25, 2017

“The first time I went to Foodblessed was exactly 2 years ago. I went in not knowing what to expect. Without knowing it, I ended up staying for 5 hours which flew by very fast. The volunteers are very friendly and the guests talk to you like they have known you for ages.
Why help people in need on special occasions and holidays when you can do it every week? This is the beautiful message that brings me back to Foodblessed every time. Well that and the people there who now feel like family.”

Hanan Aghar; February 1, 2018

“You have never really lived until you have done something to someone who can never repay you” i’ve read this quote million of times but i didn’t know what it truely meant until i joined foodblessed. Through my life i have never volunteered in anything, never had the passion for it i guess, until that day i saw the stand of foodblessed at my uni at an NGO day, and who would have guessed that i would become so attached to it and to its amazing purpose of helping hungry people as much as we can in addition of spreading awareness about food wasting. Thank you foodblessed for showing me that’s there’s more to life than just taking but also giving, hopefully i can keep working hard,be supportive, and always give love to my foodblessed kids as much as i can.
Always blessed to have found you.”

Cathrina D. Chehade;December 18, 2017

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FoodBlessed HQ
Youssef El Hayek Street. Confidence Bldg
Facing Sin El FIL Municipality. Adjacent to Pets 2nd Home
Beirut, Lebanon
(961) 70 159 337
(961) 1 786706
[email protected]

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