Let this Christmas be different,
make a difference

Let this Christmas be different,
make a difference

FoodBlessed is all about spreading love. Whether it’s a meal cooked or served,
shared or rescued, it is done with love and what is done with love, is done right.

This Christmas, we invite you to take action and carry out a random act of kindness
for someone else or to hold onto that warm feeling, when someone is kind to you.

Did you know?
Research shows that making a difference can be good for our mental health.
It reduces stress, improves our emotional well-being and even benefits our physical health.

Enjoy taking part in this campaign, BUT remember, acts of kindness can be done all year round.

It’s important to look out for each other in and around our communities.

Kindness is a gift that keeps on giving.

Sprinkle a few of these ideas into your weekly routine,
and you’ll be spreading positive energy with a chain of love.

Let’s spread some kindness, shall we?

Random acts of kindness you can do today and every day.

This is how YOU make this world a better place and most of the time,
doing something nice for someone doesn’t cost a lot of time or money.

It’s the small things in life that can make a big difference.

SHARE YOUR ACTS OF KINDNESS WITH OTHERS by using the hashtag #MakeADifferenceLB

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For Strangers
39 acts

  •    Tell a stranger that you are proud of them
  •    Make a stranger laugh
  •    Give flowers to a stranger
  •    Send a stranger a joke to cheer them up
  •   Leave random handwritten notes with kind messages
  •   Engage in conversation with a shop assistant when paying at the till
  •   Give up your seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant person
  •   Let someone jump the queue at the supermarket
  •   Take a minute to help someone who is lost
  •   Have a conversation with someone who is experiencing homelessness
  •   Help a mother carrying her baby carriage down the stairs or hold the door for her
  •    Offer a cold beverage to your Delivery guy
  •    Smile and say hello to people you may pass every day, but have never spoken to before
  •    Return a lost item to its owner
  •    Give an unexpected compliment to a stranger/colleague/friend/partner
  •    Let someone cut in front of you in line
  •    Let someone else take that sweet parking spot
  •    Give someone your seat on a crowded bus
  •    Give up your seat on a plane so other travelers can sit together
  •    Cook a warm meal for someone in need
  •    Plan a surprise birthday for a homeless person
  •    Help someone struggling to carry their grocery bags
  •    Say something encouraging to a parent who’s struggling
  •    with boisterous kids in a restaurant or grocery store
  •    Leave snacks and sample-size toiletries in your car to give to the homeless
  •    Hand out water bottles to people working outside on a hot day
  •    Pay for a coffee for a random person in the coffee shop
  •    Take the time to write an online review for a restaurant you love
  •    Pay for the meal of the people at the next table
  •    (Leave before they realize what you’ve done)
  •    Leave a positive comment on a news article or blog post or social media post.
  •    Learn CPR (could save a life someday)
  •    Learn the Heimlich Manoeuvre (could save a life someday)
  •    Give an extra tip and write an encouraging note along with it
  •    Keep an extra umbrella in your car to give to someone stuck in the rain
  •    Buy baked treats from a bake cake sale stand
  •    Support local businesses
  •    Buy handmade products
  •    Talk to a stranger at a party who looks like they don’t know anyone
  •    Smile at someone who looks sad
  •    Donate your leftovers to someone in need

For Co-Workers
20 acts

  •    Make a cup of tea for your colleagues
  •    Get to know the new staff member
  •    Lend your ear – listen to your colleague who is having a bad day
  •    Say good morning (Even when it hasn’t been a good one)
  •    Bake a cake for your colleagues
  •    Give praise to your colleague for something they’ve done well
  •    Take someone out for lunch instead of eating at your desk
  •    Donate a vacation or sick day to a colleague who’s struggling with an illness or caring for a sick loved one
  •    Tell your boss one thing you love about him/her
  •    Bring in a favorite treat and leave it in the break room.(It’s extra fun if you do it anonymously)
  • Post sticky notes with uplifting messages on the bathroom mirrors
  • Stay late for a co-worker who needs to get home.
  • Invite a co-worker who is alone over the holidays to your home to celebrate.
  • Share your knowledge freely
  • Mentor someone
  • Write a thank you email to someone who has helped your career
  • Make friends with someone new to the company
  • Add a positive comment to the conversation if office chatter becomes negative
  • Tell a joke to lighten the mood when a co-worker is handling a tough assignment
  • Bring treats to your workplace

For Neighbors
9 acts

  •    Host an informal get together and invite your neighbors to get to know each other
  •    Walk your neighbor’s/friend’s dog
  •    Offer to pick up some groceries for your elderly neighbor
  •    Make a double batch of the cookies you’re baking and bring some next door
  •    Plan a building block party so everyone can get to know each other better
  •    Walk your neighbor’s dog when he/she has to stay late
  •    Offer to babysit a neighbor’s child for free
  •    Build a “little free library” next outside your house.
  •    Put books in it for your neighbors to borrow, and invite them to donate their books
  •    Make dinner for a neighbor who has just had a baby or surgery

For Teachers
8 acts

  •    Write a thank you note/email to a teacher, past or present, who made a difference in your life (past or present)
  •   Tell the principal about your child’s teacher
  •    Offer to read to your child’s class during story time
  •    Offer to volunteer at your sibling’s/kid’s school
  •    Send in glue sticks, pencils, sticky notes, and other stationery for kids at public schools as their supplies are usually limited
  •    Plan a surprise gift or lunch for a teacher
  •    Raise money for a kid in need to help support his tuition
  •    Send flowers for a random teacher every month as an appreciation gift

For friends & Loved Ones
39 acts

  •    Reach out to spend time with a friend, family member or neighbor who is experiencing loneliness
  •    Spend time playing with your pet
  •    Offer to pick up a friend or family member from work
  •    Be on time
  •    Offer to babysit for a friend
  •    Offer to cook for a friend or family member
  •    Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while
  •    Text a grandparent
  •    Send flowers to a friend
  •    Tell your family members how much you love and appreciate them
  •    Help your parents with household chores
  •    Help a friend get active
  •    Make a cup of tea for a friend or family member
  •    Help with a household chore at home or for a friend
  •    Tell someone you know that you are proud of them
  •    Call your mom or dad just to say I love you
  •    Research your family tree and share what you learned with other family members
  •    Tell a friend what you love about them
  •    Attend an event for your siblings’/parents’/friends’ kids
  •    Send a random message to a friend, letting them know you appreciate them
  •    Reconnect with an old friend you’ve lost touch with over the years Share a memory you carry with you
  •    Forgive someone who has wronged you
  •    Make amends with someone you have wronged you
  •    Do chores for a family member who could use some extra free time
  •    Let your spouse sleep in when it’s his/her turn to get up early with the kids
  •    Donate to a friend’s favorite charity in their name
  •    Give a friend a book you think they would like
  •    Send a print of a photo you took of a friend or their child
  •    Write a letter of encouragement to a child you know is having a hard time
  •    Send a friend a helpful or inspiring article that made you think of them
  •    Surprise your friend or family by cooking their favorite meal
  •    Write a sweet, encouraging note and put it in your child’s lunch box or under their pillow
  •    Tell someone you know why you are thankful for them
  •    Send a motivational text to a friend who is struggling
  •    Send someone you know a picture of a cute animal
  •    Send an inspirational quote to a friend
  •    Send an interesting article to a friend
  •    Put a surprise note or drawing on someone’s work desk
  •    Contact someone you haven’t seen in a while and arrange to meet face to face

For NonProfits
20 acts

  •    Participate in a charity walk or run
  •    Give blood
  •    Donate your old cell phone or other electronics to charity
  •    Become an organ donor
  •    Make and send a care package to a homeless person
  •    Make a donation to a charity. You can donate to FoodBlessed.com/donate
  •    Have a clear-out and take items to a charity shop
  •    Sign up to do voluntary work in your local community. FoodBlessed.com/volunteer
  •    Give old blankets, sheets, and towels to an animal shelter
  •    Donate gently used toys/clothes/books to a charity. Get in touch with FoodBlessed
  •    Donate your unused frequent flyer miles to a friend in need
  •    Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. FoodBlessed.com/volunteer
  •    Play with animals at a local shelter
  •    Adopt
  •    Be an animal foster
  •    Rescue a stray dog/cat from the street
  •    Organize a donation drive for coloring books, toys and art supplies for a charity
  •    Visit a nursing home – read books to or play board games with residents
  •    Visit an orphanage – read books to or play games with the kids
  •    Donate your garden flowers or flowers from an occasion you had to a nursing home

For the environment
17 acts

  •    Plan a cleanup campaign
  •    Join a tree planting or organize one
  •    Join a beach cleanup or organize one
  •    Plant a tree
  •    Pick up some rubbish lying around in the street
  •    Pick up pieces of litter on the street and throw them in the bin
  •    Keep the space around you clean
  •    Reduce, reuse, recycle
  •    Eat your leftovers
  •    Buy used clothes and items
  •    Donate your used items or stuff you don’t use anymore
  •    Carry a reusable water bottle
  •    Take your leftovers from the restaurant
  •    Speak up about the environment
  •    Reduce your consumption of meat products
  •    Try Meatless Monday
  •    Incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your diet

Be Kind to yourself
19 acts

  •    Revisit a favorite book
  •    Get in touch with an old friend
  •    Hang out with your friends
  •    Clean your room
  •    Eat a healthy meal
  •    Dabble in gardening/ buy an indoor plant
  •    Get a pet
  •    Listen to music
  •    Try to meditate
  •    Learn yoga
  •    Learn a new recipe or cook your favorite meal
  •    Bake a cake
  •    Join an acting improve class
  •    Enjoy the rain (without an umbrella)
  •    Travel (you don’t have to go too far. Try local tourism)
  •    Go for a hike
  •    Go for a camping trip
  •    Visit a farm
  •    Try a new hobby

Being kind to yourself is SOOO IMPORTANT as it will give you the energy and strength to be kind to others!