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FoodBlessed at مؤسسات الدكتور محمد خالد الاجتماعية

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Chocolate makes everyone smile-even bankers.
Anything tastes better dipped in chocolate.” – Ben Strohecker, chocolatier
In other words, the best things in life are chocolate.
Nothing Says joy like kinder joy!! We distributed hundreds of kinder joy eggs to our guests yesterday in both of our #foodblesdSoupKitchens… and we had lots left so we decided to distribute them to these wonderful kids !!! So Hunger Hero Ali was playing Easter Bunny again today at مؤسسات الدكتور محمد خالد الاجتماعية

FoodBlessed at AUB-USJ NGO Fair

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You HATE food waste? We hate food waste too! You HATE food poverty? Well guess what. We also hate food poverty! And we BOTH agree that it is ridiculous for food waste and food poverty to exist in the same community!

It is official… you are destined to be a HUNGER HERO!

Thank yo hunger heroes for your help during the AUB USJ NGO Fair!

Thank you Ali Sabah Rabie ELie Ryan Alia Mohammad Ibrahim Zeinab Bashir Joya and Hadi!!! <3

We couldn’t have gone it without you!! Bless

FoodBlessed on Al Jazeera English

April 22nd, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet on Al Jazeera English <3
A proud moment for FoodBlessed! We want to thank on this occasion our hunger heroes and all the foodblessed donors and foodblessed bakers and cooks for their continuous help and support and love!!!
Good job Marilyn Hajj♥

“Indeed, over the years, we have been very lucky to have the best volunteers in the whole wide world. Our #HungerHeroes are what makes foodblessed great! Being a volunteer-driven organization means that we are as strong and willing as our volunteers are! That said , I, and FoodBlessed, would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the thousands of hunger heroes who have graced us with their presence, smiles, help, support, time, effort, and most importantly love over the past turning-five-years soon!
You are what makes foodblessed great♥
We are great, because you are.”
Lotsa love;
@maya terro, Co-founder and Executive Director @foodblessed

Happy Easter

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Easter reminds that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it.
Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter.♡♡♡
Happy foodblessed Easter everyone!

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Today 100 beautiful eggs were beautifully coloured and designed and are now ready to be distributed tomorrow at #foodblessedsoupkitchen in bourj hammoud !!
Whoop. Whoop.
We started working on these at around 7pm… Finished at 12am!
Thank you hunger heroes Juliane Elie Sylvio India Layal Ali and Maya!
God bless!
Special thanks to Elie for the bright idea and his students fit donating the eggs!:)

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