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Easter with the Beloved Children of Home of Hope Lebanon

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Holidays mean nothing if not spent with loved ones, and we, alongside Rotaract, chose to celebrate Easter this year with the beloved children of Home of Hope Lebanon. We spent our day making chocolate cakes with the children, painting eggs and making our way into the custom-made activity book by our talented Omar Khayat, planting flowers, painting faces (and bodies obviously), playing around and of course, indulging in Foodblessed’s well known lunch. The day ended with blissful light hearts, warm hugs, and lots of smiles.
Thank you everyone who was part of yesterday’s success and thank you for being so wonderful!

الأعياد ما بتعني شي اذا ما كنّا مع يلي منحبّن، ونحن ونادي روتاراكت اخترنا نقضي عيد الفصح مع الأولاد ببيت الرجاء. قضينا النهار عم نعمل كيك شوكولا مع الأولاد، عم نلوّن بيض ونرسم بكتاب النشاطات من تصميم عمر الخياط، وكمان زرعنا ورود، لونّنا على وجوهنا (وأجسامنا متل ما مبيّن)، لعبنا ألعاب متنوعة، وأكيد الختام المسك بغدا فودبلسد المشهور. النهار خلص بقلوب سعيدة، أحضان دافئة، وكتير ابتسامات.
شكراً لكل حدا شارك بنجاح مبارح!

Foodblessed Taking Part in Hike Mnefroz

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This sunday, some of our hunger heroes took part in Hike Mnefroz campaign organized by Froz. Hike Mnefroz is a combination of hiking and picking up waste while getting so see, explore, and plant pine trees in the beautiful Bkassine!
What is the purpose of Hike Mnefroz?
According to Froz, its purpose is:
1- Contribute in cleaning the area
2- As an activity, it provides vibrations in body movements by bending, squatting and stretching.
And we guarantee you a great time and lots of smiles!
هيدا الأحد، مجموعة من المتطوعين Hunger Heroes شاركوا بحملة “هيك منفرز” يلي نظّمتها “فروز”. هيك منفرز هي عبارة عن مشي بغابة أو محمية وبنفس الوقت تجميع للنفايات، بالإضافة إلى فرصة لمشاهدة، استكشاف، وزرع شجر صنوبر بمحمية بكاسين!
شو الهدف ورا “هيك منفرز”؟
بحسب فروز، الهدف هوي:
1- المشاركة بتنظيف المنطقة
2- هيدا النشاط بساعد على تحفيز حركة الجسم من خلال الانحناء، القرفصة، والامتداد.
وغير هيك، نحن منضمنلكن وقت كتير حلو وكتير ابتسامات!

Ouzai Beach Cleanup

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April is a busy environmental month for Foodblessed!
6 of our hunger heroes did the #Trashtagchallenge this Saturday and were able to clean the Ouzai beach in three hours, with the help of Ouzai’s little toddlers and some gulls!
What is trash tag challenge? Take a photo of an area that needs cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, then post it.
Special thanks to Live Love Beirut for their cleaning equipments, The Arab Youth Climate for letting us use their permit, and of course our beautiful hunger heroes who made all this happen: Maya, Samar, Mahmoud, Nour, Hassan, and Ghida❤️

شهر نيسان شهر بيئي بـFoodblessed!
6 من المتطوعين شاركوا بهاشتاغ تحدي #trashtagchallenge هيدا السبت وقدروا ينظفوا جزء من بحر الأوزاعي بثلاث ساعات، بمساعدة شوي من أولاد منطقة الأوزاعي والنورس!
شو هوي هيدا الهاشتاغ؟ عبارة عن أخذ صورة لمكان بدوا تنظيف أو إعادة صيانة ومن بعدها أخذ صورة للمكان من بعد تنظيفه، ونشر الصور.

A FoodBlessed Mother’s Day at Tahddi Lebanon

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“If food was as expensive as a Ferrari, we would polish it and look after it.”

Instead, we waste staggering amounts.

The FAO’s best guess is that one third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted before it is eaten. And yet there are one billion starving people in the world.

When hunger hero Samar approached us with the idea, we were on board right away! In addition to belonging to our family of hunger heroes at FoodBlessed, Samar also is part of the @tahaddi lebanon family!

And so it happened! While we were brainstorming about what to cook for this special day, we got a call 2 days before our event to rescue food from a huge event that was organized by Skoon! And so we did. We went there and rescued all that we can rescue, down t the last grain of rice! The amount of food we rescued was enough to feed at least 3OO individuals and so we distributed some of it to those in need and the rest, well you know how this story is going to end. No?

Oh well, then just look through this album and you’ll get your answer!

Many thanks to all the Hunger Heroes that helped us on the day! Special thanks to Hunger Heroes Maya, Nour, Mariam and Samar for working their ass to make this day happen! Special thanks to Katherine and all the teachers from Tahddi for the opportunity and for all the help! You guys rock 

“There is a tremendous power to the act of sharing. Sharing is caring, they say, and it is. However, I believe it is more than that. It is a force of nature — there is tremendous strength in our togetherness. Regardless of what we share – albeit a hug, a smile, a laugh, a meal, a prayer, or our suffering, our tears, and our pain – and regardless of who we share it with, this sharing brings us closer to each other. We might be many, but in our togetherness, we become one.” ~@maya terro

And to end this post, we want to say that
“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

– George Eliot

Lotsa love from all of us to all of you, mothers and non-mothers alike!

HUNGER HEROES FROM FOODBLESSED: Mariam Mohammad, Darine Abou Hammdeh, Ibrahim Samra, Hammda Al-Haidar, Mariam FoodBlessed: Hiba Abed Rahman, Nour Abdelrida, Maya Terro , Samar Wehby, Tania Safi and Rachel, Mariam abdallah, Mohammad al Ammar. Mum Diala and her adorable little ones Zoey and Georges!
HUNGER HEROES FROM TAHADDI: Hassan,Ali,Hussein,Bassel,Mohammad (ALL 4 😅),Zeinab,Mariam,Cedra (2),Sabrine,Amina

FoodBlessed Soup Kitchen Feb 23, 2019.

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“To really change the world, we have to help people change the way they see things. Global betterment is a mental process, not one that requires huge sums of money or a high level of authority. Change has to be psychological. So if you want to see real change, stay persistent in educating humanity on how similar we all are than different. Don’t only strive to be the change you want to see in the world, but also help all those around you see the world through commonalities of the heart so that they would want to change with you. This is how humanity will evolve to become better. This is how you can change the world. The language of the heart is mankind’s main common language.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem
Photo credits: @patrick kazarian

#SawaAhla Initiative

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Thank you all for your participation in #SawaAhla initiative. Thanks to you we were able to donate up to 1,300 meals to FoodBlessed and Tkiyet Um Ali تكية ام علي to help people in need.

شكراً لكل من شارك بمبادرة #سوا_احلى. بفضلكم استطعنا بتقديم 1300 وجبة للجمعية اللبنانية
Food Blessed
وتكية إم علي التي تعنى بمكافحة الجوع والفقر الغذائي في الأردن .

Soup Kitchen March 2

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Rain or shine, the show must go on!
Super proud of all of our hunger heroes today who went above and beyond to serve our guests even under the worst weather conditions imaginable. Special shout out to @asme_aub for helping us out today in serving and covering expenses of the meals distributed!! You did a pretty swell job girls and guys!
That said, we have some sad news! This month will be our last month serving at Life center locale which we have been serving at for the last 3 years now. The church management wants us out and since December we’ve been asked to only serve outside. We and use the indoor space anymore. So we’ve been setting our soup kitchen outside and in a weather like today’s… that’s really hard work! But if anything, this has showed us that our hunger heroes are true heroes and can work under any circumstances! They are pros!!!! So proud of them!
PS. If you know if any place, preferrably in Burj hammoud area, that can give us their space for one Saturday every week for a couple of hours (11am – 3pm) for us to host our soup kitchen…please get in touch! We just need a space. We will take care of the rest! Thank you.

Collaboration with @bzkidz

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We are super proud of our newest collaboration with @bzkidz ! Having a nutritious meal at school sets the foundation for better learning and life-long health. The more well fed a person is, the more likely they will be motivated to lead a better life and make smarter choices.
Your support will help us provide girls and boys from marginalized and vulnerable communities have access to free nutritious meals at school which will help them grow and develop and which is something that is not always available to them at home.
Every contribution, no matter how small, monetary or in-kind, will make a difference!

Greenfield college #FoodblessedFoodDrive.

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We can’t thank the #IB students and miss Shannon Braud-Jaber enough for their donation !!!
Theses mazing hunger heroes @greenfieldcollegelb hosted a food drive for FoodBlessed in February! It lasted for almost a week and we ended up with all these donations (check last slide)!
Interested in hosting a #foodblessedFoodDrive for those in need?
Then by all means, do get in touch!

Sawa Ahla x FoodBlessed

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We’re proud to help people in need, in partnership with @foodblessed, the NGO that has been uniting and nourishing communities through the power of food, social responsibility and volunteering since 2012.
Be part of this initiative by posting your recipes with #SawaAhla.

خطوات لتنضم الى مبادرة #سوا_احلى على الفايسبوك
1- علّق بصورة طبقك المفضل مع #سوا_احلى
2- بريل سيتبرع بوجبة مقابل كل صورة لشخص محتاج
3- ستدخل السحب

ملاحظة: 5 فائزين سيتم اختيارهم عشوائياً للفوز بمنتجات بريل لسنة كاملة. وفائز واحد من بينهم سيفوز بمبلغ 300$ نقدية. 🎁
يُعلن عن الفائزين في نصف شهر مارس
3 steps to be part of #SawaAhla initiative on Facebook
1. Comment with the photo of your favorite dish
2. Pril will donate one meal per photo to a person in need FoodBlessed
3. You will enter the draw

PS: 5 finalists will be chosen randomly to win a 1 year supply of Pril. In addition, 1 winner out of the 5 finalists will win $300 cash.🎁
Winners will be announced mid-March

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