A FoodBlessed Mother’s Day at Tahddi Lebanon

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“If food was as expensive as a Ferrari, we would polish it and look after it.”

Instead, we waste staggering amounts.

The FAO’s best guess is that one third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted before it is eaten. And yet there are one billion starving people in the world.

When hunger hero Samar approached us with the idea, we were on board right away! In addition to belonging to our family of hunger heroes at FoodBlessed, Samar also is part of the @tahaddi lebanon family!

And so it happened! While we were brainstorming about what to cook for this special day, we got a call 2 days before our event to rescue food from a huge event that was organized by Skoon! And so we did. We went there and rescued all that we can rescue, down t the last grain of rice! The amount of food we rescued was enough to feed at least 3OO individuals and so we distributed some of it to those in need and the rest, well you know how this story is going to end. No?

Oh well, then just look through this album and you’ll get your answer!

Many thanks to all the Hunger Heroes that helped us on the day! Special thanks to Hunger Heroes Maya, Nour, Mariam and Samar for working their ass to make this day happen! Special thanks to Katherine and all the teachers from Tahddi for the opportunity and for all the help! You guys rock 

“There is a tremendous power to the act of sharing. Sharing is caring, they say, and it is. However, I believe it is more than that. It is a force of nature — there is tremendous strength in our togetherness. Regardless of what we share – albeit a hug, a smile, a laugh, a meal, a prayer, or our suffering, our tears, and our pain – and regardless of who we share it with, this sharing brings us closer to each other. We might be many, but in our togetherness, we become one.” [email protected] terro

And to end this post, we want to say that
“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

– George Eliot

Lotsa love from all of us to all of you, mothers and non-mothers alike!

HUNGER HEROES FROM FOODBLESSED: Mariam Mohammad, Darine Abou Hammdeh, Ibrahim Samra, Hammda Al-Haidar, Mariam FoodBlessed: Hiba Abed Rahman, Nour Abdelrida, Maya Terro , Samar Wehby, Tania Safi and Rachel, Mariam abdallah, Mohammad al Ammar. Mum Diala and her adorable little ones Zoey and Georges!
HUNGER HEROES FROM TAHADDI: Hassan,Ali,Hussein,Bassel,Mohammad (ALL 4 😅),Zeinab,Mariam,Cedra (2),Sabrine,Amina

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