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Community Cookout at MissionVillage

July 15th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

Another successful community cook out took place last week with @missionvillage !
We are so happy that we are having the chance to cook for those in need every other week!

Last time it was ratatouille! This time we prepared fajita from scratch with roasted potatoes and Fattoush! The smell was so good that everyone started craving fajita by the end of the day!

We can’t thank out volunteer enough for their hard work and who worked on peeling, chopping, cooking, cleaning and washing dishes non-stop from 9.15 till 3pm!

كمان اليوم كان كتير ناجح طبخنا ليلي منحبن مع جمعية mission village !
نحنا كتير مبسوطين انو عنّا فرصة نطبخ للناس المحتاجة تقريباً كل أسبوع!

هيديك المرّة حضّرنا رتاتوي! هالمرّة حضرنا طبق فاهيتا مع بطاطا مشوية وفتّوش! الرّيحة كانت كتير طيبة لدرجة الكل صار عبالو فاهيتا بآخر النهار!

ما فينا نشكر المتطوعين كفاية يلي شتغلوا بالتقشير، التقطيع، الطبخ، التنظيف، وغسل الصحون بدون توقّف من الـ ٩:١۵ صباحاً للساعة ٣ بعد الضهر!

Packing Days at Foodblessed

July 15th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

All packing days at FoodBlessed are special but this Saturday packing day was EXTRA special! In addition to prepping a whopping number of 166 food boxes (ALL thanks to our DONORS), we had some special volunteers with us from @brummanahighschoolofficial 😊
We all know that all events are on hold and this includes school proms. One group of senior students decided to give back to their community instead of throwing a prom party!
That’s why Anna (head of prom committee) & Clara from Brummana high school along with other senior students decided to use their prom money to donate food boxes to families in need. The money donated to FoodBlessed will provide 25 families in need with food boxes.
Stories like these melt our hearts. Good on you BHS students ! Our society need more kind students like you. Very heartening! We also had something special THANK YOU prepared for them. A surprise if we may say and they WERE surprised indeed. Thank you @nourabd our Volunteer coordinator for the bright idea!
 If you’re a senior student& this story inspired you in some way, do not hesitate to contact us! We believe a lot of you can give back to society. Let this year be one where proms actually make a difference to those in need, not just to the people who are graduating high school 

Hunger Heroes

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Last week we were able to distribute 123 boxes to different areas across Lebanon including but not limited to Tyre, Jbeil, Saida, chweyfat, Barouk, aramoun, deirkousheh, hazmieh, Tripoli, Verdun, sin El fil, forn chebbak, kafa’at to7witit el ghadir, laylaki, tareek jdeedeh, borj abi haidar, among other area in greater beirut area and baabda!

All this has been possible thanks to our donors and volunteers!

In addition to the pick up point we have at the office where people can come and pick up their boxes. We also deliver to those who can’t come to us.
This post goes to our helpers who distribute the boxes we pack every week.
Thank you for giving of your time and heart to our cause.
What we do wouldn’t have been possible was it not for you!

Food Rescues

July 15th, 2020 Posted by News, Uncategorized No Comment yet

8 food rescues over a period of 3 days!
A total of 500 sandwiches were rescued from different @zaatarwzeit branches and were delivered to street kids, orphans, elderly, refugees and families in need.
Total NGOs helped 4!
That’s how we spent our weekend in the age of Corona!
We want to salute ZwZ for their food waste free approach in these hard times for choosing to donate their surplus food to those in need instead of letting it go to waste.
What about you?
كان عنا ٨ عمليات انقاذ الجمعة السبت والاحد الماضي.
قدرنا من خلالن تتقذ حوالي ال ۵۰۰ من سندويشة من عدة فروع تابعة لمطعم زعتر وزيت يللي تبرعنا فين لايتام وختيارية واطفال الشوارع وعيل محتاجة ولاجئين.
قدرنا نساعد ٤ جمعيات.
هيك قضينا نهاية الاسبوع الماضي في ظل الكورونا!
منحيي مطعم زعتر وزيت يللي اختار انو ما يخلي هالاكل يروح هدر.
لازم كل المطاعم تعمل هيك.
بتوافقونا الرأي؟

Cooking with The Great Oven

July 15th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

What’s it like to be able to get yourself to cook 2000 meals? It’s an awesome feeling. Nothing feels quite like it 
So, before we met The Great Oven, we thought the @ballroomblitzbeirut is a place where people go to dance; little did we know that thanks to chef @j_gomez_thompson and his gorgeous assitant @nourmatraji, this gem for partying was transformed to a community kitchen filled with art by @shrineon! The ballroom blitz became a place where people gather and cook while music played in the background. These pics are from one of three cookouts that took place in February  And the results ladies and gents are astounding. In addition to the 20+ volunteers who helped peel, chop, and grate unsaleable vegetables that were rescued , a total of 2000 meals were distributed directly to Syrian refugees across six refugee camps in bar Elias, bekaa. In addition to low income Lebanese families, Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees in the areas of Ain remmeneh, Chiah, 3a2esha bakkar, Ashrafieh and the borj brajneh Palestinian camp thanks to our community fridgges project!
We want to thank everyone who was part of this, specifically our hunger heroes Tina, Zeena, Mansour, Yasmeen, Rawan from @lebamericanuni civic engagement class and Mira! Thank you awesome volunteers. Thank you James and Nour and Shrine for giving us a taste of the magic and for donating the meals to Foodblessed. Thank you @mayaterro for driving countless hours to make sure the food cooked got where it needed to be! More posts to follow!

Once upon a Christmas day in an elderly house…

July 15th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

Just look at these faces and you’ll know why we do what we do! Food is love and when you share it with those around you /, it feeds their soul not just their tummies, they feel loved and appreciated and accepted ❤️for who they are!

Throwback at our beautiful event at an elderly home in Jbeil! Thank you to everyone who volunteered with us on the day to feed the souls of the elderly we served with lots and lots and lots of love! The food was on point! Rich in vegetables and meat and easy to chew and swallow Fruits like bananas and fresh dates and delicious home made desserts were also served  Special thanks to @missionvillage for letting us in this beautiful elderly home and for introducing us to it’s beautiful dwellers! Our volunteers helped us prepare the food with so much love and dedication. Music was playing  while we chopped our food away !!

انظروا فقط إلى هذه الوجوه وستعرف لماذا نفعل ما نفعله! الطعام هو الحب وعندما تشاركه مع من حولك، فإنه يغذي أرواحهم ليس فقط بطونهم ، ويشعرون بالحب والتقدير والقبول!

كتير انبسطنا بهالنهار الكتير حلو قضيناه مع احلى عالم ببيت للمسنين بجبيل! شكراً لكل من تطوع معنا بهيدا اليوم لإطعام أرواح المسنين الذين خدمناهم بالكثير والكثير والكثير من الحب! الكل حب الاكل يللي كان غني بالخضار واللحوم وسهل المضغ والبلع  تم تقديم فواكه مثل الموز والبلح والحلويات المصنوعة منزلياً اللذيذة  شكر خاص ل missionvillage لانن عرفونا على هيدا منزل المسنين الجميل وعلى سكانه الحلوين ! ساعدونا متطوعونا في إعداد الطعام بالكثير من الحب والتفاني على انغام عيد الميلاد الموسيقى !!

A foodblessed christmas lunch in Forn Chebbak

January 21st, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

Here are some shots from our beautiful collaboration with @missionvillage for Christmas. We hosted a Christmas dinner for 100 underprivileged individuals in Forn Chebbak Area. We wholeheartedly served delicious rice and chicken, salad that Chefs Rami from @karketelhajantelias
Helped us prepare at their kitchen after we got them the ingredients. We also served cheese, kishek, zaatar and pizza pastries and sweets that we rescued from an event @work_at_murex  the day before! We can’t thank you volunteers enough for their beautiful smiles and for the immense love they put into serving. You guys rock. Special thanks to Julia and Claude from mission village for making us part of this beautiful event!
** إليكم بعض اللقطات من تعاوننا الجميل معmissionvillage لعيد الميلاد. استضفنا عشاء عيد الميلاد لـ 100 فرد محروم في منطقة فرن شباك. قدمنا ​ الأرز والدجاج اللذيذان وسلطة وحلو. سعدنا بتحضيرها الشيف رامي من كركة الحاج انطلياس
. لقد قدمنا ​​أيضًا معجنات الجبن والكشك والزعتر والبيتزا والحلويات التي أنقذناها من حدث @ work_at_murex  في اليوم السابق! لا يمكننا أن نشكر متطوعين بما فيه الكفاية على ابتساماتهم الجميلة وعلى الحب الكبير الذي وضعوه في الخدمة. شكر خاص لجوليا وكلود من قرية البعثة لجعلنا جزءًا من هذا الحدث الجميل!

Christmas night in Burj Hammoud

January 21st, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

On December 26, 2019 a couple of our volunteers celebrated Christmas with the beautiful kids at Mesrobian school for underprivileged kids in Burj Hammoud. The day was packed with magical shows, good wholesome food, beautiful Christmas tunes and awesome presents!! Lots of presents were distributed to the kids and their parents! Each kid got an educational toy and their parents got a foodblessed food assistance package! This event would not have been possible was it not for our beautiful volunteers Nina, Sarah, Edmond, Rania and her beautiful family and Maya. Special thanks to Dr Mickey the magician for making our day extra magical! Rony for making such a great Santa and Rania’s kids for being the wet elves any Santa can ask for. Special thanks to @subwaylebanon (we mean you @Sarahfarraj and the team) for the generous food boxes that we distributed on the day to the kids and the parents! Each subway box contained a delicious sandwich , a soft drink and a big 🍪 cookie! We added juice and bananas so that the kids got to have a wholesome meal!
Thank you Hunger hero Sara and Nina for donating the presents 
Thank you Azy from BZkids for making us come over and spread some love, the foodblessed way!
Ps. All paper boxes from this event were recycled!
في 26 كانون الأول 2019 ، احتفلت مجموعة من متطوعيننا بعيد الميلاد مع أطفال مدرسة مسروبيان في برج حمود. كان اليوم مليئاً بالعروض السحرية والطعام الصحي الجيد والإيقاعات الجميلة لعيد الميلاد والهدايا الرائعة !! تم توزيع الكثير من الهدايا على الأطفال وأهاليهم! حصل كل طفل على لعبة تعليمية وأهاليهم حصلوا على صندوق مساعدات غذائية! لم يكن هذا الحدث ممكنًا لولا متطوعينا الجميلين نينا وسارة وإدموند ورانيا وعائلتها الجميلة ومايا. شكر خاص للدكتور ميكي الساحر لجعل يومنا سحري أكثر! روني للعبه دور سانتا واطفال رانيا المهضويت لمساعدتنا في لف الهدايا وتوزيعها. شكر خاص ل subwaylebanon (نقصدك سارة فرج والفريق) لصناديق الطعام السخية التي وزعناها في اليوم على الأطفال والآباء والأمهات! احتوى كل صندوق على شطيرة لذيذة ومشروب غازي وكوكي! أضفنا العصير والموز حتى يحصل الأطفال على وجبة صحية!
شكرا لك يا بطل الجوع سارة ونينا للتبرع بالهدايا 

Christmas Event

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On December 24, 2019, a bunch of us met at the office anf headed to Khamed Al Loz camp for syrian refugees in Bar Elias in Bekaa to cook for 170 guests. A lot of complications happened on the way and we ran late but all worked out in the end because the team who was volunteering with us worked very hard to finish the chopping and cooking on time! Can’t thank these beautiful volunteers enough for helping us out on this day. Also special thanks to Amel Association volunteers who helped us all the way and for inviting us to serve our food and be part of this beautiful celebration.
في 24 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) 2019 ، اجتمعت مجموعة منا في مكتب الجمعية في تلة الخياط ومن هونيك توجهنا إلى مخيم للاجئين السوريين في بر إلياس في البقاع لطهي طعام الغداء ل 170 ضيفًا. حدثت الكثير من التعقيدات في الطريق وركضنا متأخرين لكن كل شيء نجح في النهاية لأن الفريق الذي كان يتطوع معنا عمل بجد لإنهاء عملية التقطيع والطهي في الوقت المحدد! لا يمكن أن مشكر هؤلاء المتطوعين الجميلين بما يكفي لمساعدتنا في هذا اليوم الخاص. شكر خاص كمان لمتطوعي جمعية عامل الذين ساعدونا طوال الطريق ودعونا لتقديم طعامنا وأن نكون جزءًا من هذا الاحتفال الجميل.

Foodblessed Rides Against Hunger

January 21st, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

This year on World Food Day, Foodblessed planned a “Ride Against Hunger” to help support all our weekly lunches and soup kitchens. The theme for this year was healthy diets, and what’s healthier than biking off some calories for a good cause? Absolutely nothing if you ask me! Around 100 participants gathered in Beirut by Bike and went off from there to the streets of Beirut. It was a very much needed breather amid all the stress going on, and luckily, not many fell off their bikes! We would like to thank Scouts, Rotaract, schools, universities, and Beirut By Bike who all took part in our fundraiser and helped in making it a huge success! بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للغذاء، فودبلسد نظّمت نشاط بعنوان “ركوب الدراجات ضد الجوع وهدر الطعام” كمساعدة لاستمرار نشاطاتنا ومطاعمنا المجانيّة الأسبوعيّة. موضوع هيدي السنة كان النظام الغذائي الصحّي، وشو في شي صحّي أكتر من حرق السعرات الحراريّة من خلال ركوب الدراجات؟ ماشي أبداً برأيي! 100 مشترك تقريباً تجمّعوا بـBeirut by Bike وانطلقوا من هونيك لشوارع بيروت. كنّا كتير بحاجة لهيدا المشوار هالفترة بنصف الضغوطات يلّي عم نعيشها. والحمدلله، ما كتير عالم وقعت عن درّاجاتها! منحب نشكر الكشّاف، روتاراكت، المدارس، الجامعات، وBeirut by Bike يلّي كانوا جزء من هيدا النشاط لجمع التبرّعات ويلّي كمان كانوا جزء من نجاحو!

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