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Corporate Voluntering: FoodBlessed with Performics Company

October 24th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

Corporate Volunteering programs connect select employees to projects in their community where they volunteer their skills: Making an impact while growing as more innovative leaders. At FoodBlessed we highly believe in the power of corporate volunteering in increasing employee engagement, improving the ability to recruit younger employees, and increasing the company’s visibility in the community. As such we always encourage companies like Performics who joined hands with our Hunger Heroes for their #globalgivebackday!!

Well done @performics Lebanon for doing such a swell job on #globalgivebackday ! We are super proud of you and our Hunger Heroes and salute you both for making today a day to remember for around 80 underprivileged kids! The kids had breakfast and lunch and many fun activities in between including awareness sessions, fun games, face painting, story telling singing about peace and love with Peter Jam and absolute good times! And it was all made possible thanks to your efforts and hard work!

Today was a great day for #FoodBlessed and #PERFORMICS at SOL school in Burj Hammoud!

Special thank you goes to @foodblessed Hunger Heroes Noor Aboud, Nour Barazi, Joya Daccache, Nadine Barazi, Nour Bazzi, Zahraa al Ghoul and our exec director Maya Terro….And to Amer and Rima from Performics for choosing FoodBlessed as this year’s NGO for their annual global giving back day !!! Whoop whoop .

Interested in giving back to your community while volunteering with your company ? Get in touch. We always need willing and helping hands!
[email protected]

Ma Badda 2iste7a Campaign

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مش عيب نطلب ناخد باقي الاكل معنا، بس عيب نتركن عطاولة ونعرف انن رح يروحو للكب.
If you love food and believe it is too good to be wasted, please spare some time to watch and share this ad:

Find out why Sherine and Hamza are having a hard time leaving this expensive restaurant peacefully.
To find out more about #ما_بدا_استحا
#MaBadda2iste7a and to watch the full version of this ad, go to
#MaBadda2iste7a #WFD2017 #SDG12 #ما_بدها_استحا #WorldFoodDay

FoodBlessed with Anghami

October 8th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

Today, Anghami employees gave generously of their talent, time, and compassion to @foodblessed ‘s cause! They served over 170 meals to those in need! We are proud of and applaud Anghami’s @eliehabib and @eddy_maroun for embracing their employee’s enthusiasm to help change the world. Today was one of many ways of how CSR can make a positive impact in communities! Thank you every one who showed up today and well done!!

Our Ashrafieh Soup Kitchen is closed

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It is with a heavy heart that we write this post but we thought we would share with you some sad news. But first on with the good news.  The school where we run our soup kitchen has asked us to move out! We are currently looking for an affordable place or Depot to operate from! We are also working extra hard on raising the funds we need to pay rent for the new place since the old soup kitchen premises was offered to us for free! Any help is appreciated!
—>If you know a place, let us know? Or would like to donate, also let us know ([email protected]). Many thanks in advance for your help. Much appreciated.<—
That said, although we feel sad, but we also feel PROUD of having served these amazing guests over the last two and half years. We also feel GRATEFUL for having been blessed with so many terrific hunger heroes who helped us in serving our guests over these past years! THANK YOU everyone for making these past years count! 🙆

FoodBlessed Partnership With Wesley’s Wholesale

October 1st, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

We’re very excited about our partnership with Wesley wholesale 🙂 which started on world food day and will keep running throughout the year in all of their 3 branches 🙂 Wesley’s Wholesale is a whole sale supermarket that sells products imported from the USA in its three branches located in Hazmieh, Jal El Dib and Jnah!
They are partnering with us by spreading the word about what we do and by supporting just that via donating some of their excess and/or close-to-expiry items products to those in need. If you want to join the initiative, ask our cashiers to add $5 to your receipt at checkout or volunteer with the hunger heroes at their soup kitchens.

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