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Zaatar W Zeit FoodBlessed Outing – Aug 2016

August 18th, 2016 Posted by Monthly Outings, News No Comment yet

A hearty welcome… a hearty meal <3, a hearty smile 🙂
That’s how it feels at our #zwzfoodblessedoutings where on a monthly basis we host 30+ lucky kids for a day of fun , games, and good food <3
Interested in joining our next outing, give us a shout out to [email protected] or whatsapp us to 70159337 🙂
Next outing’s schedule early September!
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Zaatar W Zeit FoodBlessed Outing – July 2016

July 27th, 2016 Posted by Monthly Outings, News No Comment yet

A day well spent with 60 Palestinian Refugee kids from Sabra and Shatilla camp!
A SPLENDID WAY TO CELEBRATE AND RAISE AWARENESS ON #WorldRefugeeDay which took place on this day exactly a month ago (june 20)!

It was a day full of absolute fun games, good food compliments of Zaatar W Zeit and great company!

For this event, FoodBlessed ‘s hunger heroes joined hands with members of the Lebanese Red Cross Lebanese UniversityYouth department joined hand in hand in giving 60 Palestinian refugee kids from the Sabra and Shatilla camp a day to remember!

We had fun games at Sanayeh Park, face painting, then we all had lunch at @zaatar w zeit bliss and zaatar w zeit hamra branches!
The kids loved it!
There was so much love and joy in the air and this group picture shows how happy everyone was! <3
Looking forward to our next #zwzfoodblessedouting
whoop! whoop!
special thanks to Maher and nour for these amazing pics!

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