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FoodBlessed raising awareness to prevent food waste at IC

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Awareness raising in schools to prevent food waste

Since it’s establishment, FoodBlessed has raising awareness on the issue of food waste in schools!

The goal of this activity is to raise awareness among school children, teachers and staff and their related families and networks on food loss and waste issues and introduce good practices conducive to food waste reduction, with an expected long-term impact.

Through these awareness sessions, FoodBlessed hopes for a deeper development of the subject and related issues such as the value of food, hunger and food security, health and nutrition, climate change and biodiversity and food losses along the food supply chain.

The sessions are expected to significantly reduce food waste in schools and households (both the plate and kitchen waste) and related negative socio economic and environmental impacts.

Special shout out to hunger heroes and #foodblessedambassador @marilynhajj @daccachejoya and @mayaterro for giving three sessions to around 200 students from International Community School (IC)!!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 As a follow-up to our sessions, these kids will also have the chance to come Volunteer at our weekly soup kitchens!

In the end, we can not but thank our foodblessed champion at IC, Miss Cynthia for giving us the opportunity to give these awareness sessions!
Interested in conducting a session for your school? Please get in touch!
[email protected]

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