ZWZ Outings with Syrian Refugees

May 10th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

We started with around 60 kids and then at the end of the day our volunteers were taking care, plaing with, and face painitng the faces of around 80 something kids!
Whenever we do our monthly outings in Sanayeh Garden, all the other kids in teh garden want to join our games and knowing us, we just can’t say no! 😀

Our Hunger Heroes at FoodBlessed and Zaatar w Zeit were all over the place making sure these syrian refugee kids from Bekaa camp were having the time of their lives 🙂

Our day started with the kids arriving inna bus from Bekaa Zaatar W Zeit Zalka where they enjoyed a hearty wholesome breakfast meal. Thank you ZwZ Zalka staaf and FoodBlessed HHs Vanessa and Nancy and Julie and Maya for making sure everything went well!

We then mounted the bus to Sanayeh Garden where the fund awaited and some 15 Hunger Heroes!
The kids loved the games and out volunteers fell in love with these amazing kids!

Everyone had a great time and a great meal and this is what this outinf is usually all about: getting underprivilaged kids to enjoy a day in the great outdoors and a hearty meal in the company of our loving, kind, and caring volunteers.
A lot of these kids come from a very harsh backgrounds, some never been to beirut although they have been living in Bekaa aince the Syrian Crisis started! Mnay kids only knew Beirut by name before this outing!
We love how to a lot of these kids, theses ZWZ outings will be a day to remember because it was among the very few days where they could be themsleves abd have fun without having a single worry in the world!
Loooking forward to our next monthly outing!
Special thanks to Sawa for Development and Aid for coordinating with us to make this event happen and make sure the some 60 kids were able to make it!

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