Iftar to 100 guests from Dar Al Ajaza and Sabra and Shatilla Camp!

July 5th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

And this is how we bid Ramadan farewell at FoodBlessed– we throw an iftar to 100 guests from Dal Al Ajaza and Sabra and Shatilla Camp!
Iftar served was prepared by our awesome hunger heroes with the help of our hunger heroes at Al Diwan, Tanmia, and Al Fakhani and T marbouta 🙂

We couldn’t have done it without you and also not to forget our hunger heroes at Prill HHs Dalia and Shreif and Jean Pierre and everyone at Pril 🙂

Of course the biggest thanks goes to our 25+ Hunger heroes who were able to see our 100 guests soup a main dish appetizers watermelon and desserts in record time!
Also we can’t but thanks Mazen and Abed for the music and songs!
In a nutshell…this event was less about good food and more about good times, food people, good tunes, good vibes and just goodness all over !

Special thank you goes to chef George for the amazing soup he prepared for us…HHs Fatima and Nadim for the fatteh and everything else…HH Helmi and his mom for the delicious rice and chicken dish they prepared…HH Rabih for the lighting and decoration and HH Ali for being above and beyond and helping out with this event from A to Z!

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