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SMW is a community-based & Volunteer-driven food truck that SERVES free meals to those in need during DAY & SELLS pizza for paying customers during NIGHT!
Globally, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually.
This means 1/3 of all the food produced globally ends up lost or wasted on its way from the farm to table.
In the MENA region, food waste is one of the most prominent waste streams, especially in the GCC region.
In Lebanon alone, millions of tons of good food are thrown away every year (with 65-95% of this being organic in its nature), while 30% of the population lives under the poverty line (4$/day) with 10% of these living under extreme poverty conditions (less than 2.5%/day).
Despite having recording the highest percentage of poverty in Lebanon, the areas of Beka’a and Akkar receive very little to no attention and/or aid compared to the city Beirut and other areas whose needs might not be as urgent or as big.
Moreover, with the current Syrian refugee situation, Lebanon is safe haven to the highest percentage of Syrian refugees in comparison with other hosting countries – indeed, 1 in every 5 Lebanese residents is Syrian. That’s a lot of mouths to feed.
Unfortunately, most projects tackling food poverty are fund based and face a wall when funding is out.
In the hopes of building a new Food Aid model that is sustainable, tackles the issue of food waste, and at the same time reaches out to those in the greatest need, SOUPer Meals on Wheels (SMW) was created!
SMW is a “mobile SOUP kitchen by day and fully-fledged PIZZA food truck by night” operating under the slogan “DRIVING hunger away, one MILE at a time”.
SMW is a project by FoodBlessed, a proud premier community-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization in Lebanon (and the Middle East) that tackles food poverty and hunger in lebanon while addressing and spreading awareness on food waste.
SMW’s mission addresses a social problem: poverty-stricken people – specifically those who suffer from food poverty and are at the risk of becoming food insecure by providing them with food assistance in the form of free wholly nutritious meals. It also addresses an environmental problem: food waste by tackling and raising awareness on the issue of food waste and food rescue.
By addressing these issues, SMW hopes to
-Reduce food security
-Reduce food waste
-Enhance social responsibility among individuals and corporations
SMW’s vision entails Promoting social protection for the vulnerable communities in Lebanon.
Three years and 280 000 meals later, we are looking to expand our reach at FoodBlessed by reaching out to those in need living in remote areas. As such, we decided to take our existing soup kitchen model to the streets. To MOBILIZ’T!

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