A FoodBlessed Day with “Noyau Freres Maristes Jbail” Scouts (II)

February 12th, 2018 Posted by News No Comment yet

“You may not see it. You may not hear it. You may feel what you’re doing is going unnoticed. You may even feel you’re unnoticed. But nothing is farther from the truth. All those things you’re doing to make a difference will one day show up. The little things will eventually become big things. And they’ll be very noticeable! Keep doing what you’re doing, friend. Keep making a difference. Don’t you dare become discouraged or disheartened. Don’t give up. Keep making a difference. The world needs you to do so. The people in your life need you do to so. Your friends, your co-workers, your family, your employer need you to do so.” FoodBlessed sure needs you! No one can make the difference you are making. No one. Keep making a difference!!! The difference you make today makes all the difference! Thank you all for making this Saturday a difference today at our #FoodBlessedSoupKitchen!! Thank you hunger heroes, new volunteers, and thank you @Perla_moussa @Reinekhoury_ and @Hanadi_tarabay and your team from the Noyau Freres Maristes Jbail @noyaufmj for helping us out today and for donating the ingredients for today’s lunch. For the songs and music and beautiful entertainment for our guests. They were so happy! Thank you @lunchbagbadaro for cooking for us! We had a full house. Over 250 meals were served. Thank you Dana, Marilyn, Perla, and Nour for the beautiful pics

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