Disco Soup

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Disco Soup started 6 years ago in Berlin, Germany, as Schnippeldisko, a ‘protest soup’, against food waste that fed 8000 people. From then on, they started to spread across the world as a fun, meaningful way to bring this crisis into focus.

@FoodBlessed hosted the first Dsico soup in Lebanon back in 2014! We’ve been helped organized around 7 disco soups since then! The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the unimaginable levels of food waste globally and to catalyse action by promoting delicious solutions to food waste.

This was our second Disco Soup that was organized with make sense and hosted by Badaro farmer’s market! It was a huge success, we were able to save 50kg of vegetables and fruits from waste last Sunday (special thanks to Alkhodarje ), and also we were able to rescue some quinoa and chia seeds and delicious grains thanks to Wesley’s Wholesale!

While listening to funky music, we cooked some yummy dishes such as:

🥝 kiwi salad
🥦quinoa and maallfouf salad, and…
🍵 a HUUuuge soup (potatoes, maalfouf, carots, quinoa and onions)!!!!

Here is our insta story===>http://bit.ly/2CATOId

BIG THUMBS UP to all our volunteers!! 😍😍😍😍😍

– Hunger Heroes Firas and Marilyn and Layanne and Joanna and Samer from FoodBlessed
– Joslyn from #RecycleLebanon
– Diana, Christelle AND Philippe from #MakesenseLebanonHotspot
– Badaro Urban Farmers for hosting the initiative!! 👌

We hope you will enjoy these pics! Thank you Ghassan Aflak, Christelle Doumit Joanna and Marilyn for sharing with us these pics and videos! 👏

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