Iftar with Ayadina

July 29th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet

We started our Foodblessed-Ayadina collaboration with a beautiful iftar at their center in Nabaa on Tuesday, where not only did we have the chance to cook and serve the people, but also dance, sing, and play the derbake, sorry neighbors!
The food was good, the coffee was great, and the people were the greatest.
We would like to forever thank our chef Lenore for the delicious iftar (especially the lentil soup!!) as well as Careem volunteers who were a joy to us and the guests.
We would also like to thank Ayadina Association for generously offering their center for this iftar, and for future monthly soup kitchens!!
بلّشتا شراكتنا مع أيادينا بافطار بمركزن بالنبعة نهار الثلاثاء. كان عنّا الفرصة مش بس نطبخ ونقدّم الأكل للعالم، بس كمان نغنّي ونرقص وندربك، منعتذر من الجيران!
منحب دايماً نشكر لينور على الافطار الشهي (خاصّة شوربة العدس) والمتطوّعين يلي جايين من كريم ويلّي كتير ساعدونا وانمبسطنا فيهم!
وكمان بدنا نشكر أيادينا على تقديم مركزن النا لهيدا الافطار ولمطعمنا المجاني بالمستقبل!!

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