Iftar with Tahaddi

July 29th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet

There is nothing like seeing kids dance with happiness all around the place, and that’s what we had on wednesday at Tahaddi Lebanon school, 120 kids eating iftar and jumping with enthusiasm as our volunteers walked them through the joys of karaoke, specifically singing: AH YA HANAN!
As always, tahaddi never fails to make us feel like home, proving more and more that our cause as Foodblessed is as amazing as we think it is. Making people happy, giving hope, one meal at a time.
Thank you hunger hero Samar Wehby for making all this possible!
ما في شي أحلا من انه نسمع ولاد عم تنط من الفرحة وعم ترقص وتغنّي، وهيك كان نهارنا الأربعاء مع 120 ولد بمدرسة تحدّي، 120 ولد عم يفطروا ويرقصوا وينطّوا بحماس مع المتطوّعين وعم يغنّوا: اه يا حنان!
متل دايماً، مدرسة تحدّي بتحسسنا انه نحن ببيتنا، وبتأكدلنا انه قضيّتنا بفودبلسد مهمّة قد ما نحن منعتقد. انه نشوف العالم مبسوطة، وانه نعطيهن أمل، وجبة وجبة.

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